Breathe In: A Story of Love

“Breathe In” is the second song from our upcoming album “The Fall,” which narrates the story of a Shaman’s love for a woman he met during a festival (read more: Rehearsal: Unveiling the First Song and Story from The Fall Album).

As the Shaman and his beloved walk towards the Waterfall, they take refuge from the scorching sun under the shade of an ancient tree. Holding her gently, the Shaman feels her breath on his neck, which prompts him to reminisce about their first kiss:

In the shade of an ancient tree
I held you gently
Your breath close to my neck
Helped me to reflect

Upon our journey under the moon
It could not come too soon
When in the morning mist
We kissed

Seeking to unite with her in spirit, the Shaman proposes to his woman:

Why don’t you breathe in
My spirit into you
Let our being begin
Let me see through you

The post-chorus reveals that they are “Bound by natural law” of the Tribe, which forbids them from being together:

You said we have not time
You’re not yet mine
We have to wait once more
Bound by natural law

The song continues with the same verse and chorus, leaving the reasons for their separation open to interpretation by the listener.

In the end, the Shaman submits to his beloved, accepting that they cannot be together without the Ancients’ approval. Still resting under the ancient tree, he falls asleep in her arms:

You said we have not time
You’re not yet mine
I submit to your demands
Fell asleep in your hands

Similar to the other songs on the album, “Breathe In” seamlessly transitions into the next part of the journey, “Dream.” The Shaman has fallen asleep and experiences a recurring dream that has been troubling him for some time.

Stay tuned for next Wednesday when we share “Dream” and the story behind it.

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