Rehearsal: Unveiling the First Song and Story from The Fall Album

Over the course of the next 11 weeks we will be sharing the songs from our upcoming debut album “The Fall”. The Fall follows the journey of a Shaman who, despite his spiritual gifts and strong connection to his tribe, experiences love, loss, and exile. As he delves deeper into the Spirit world through meditation, he confronts both light and dark forces, questioning the nature of reality itself. Ultimately, the Shaman’s quest leads him to a profound understanding of the human connection to the spiritual realm. The album serves as a powerful reminder that we must look beyond the material world and embrace our true essence as beings of light and love.

The Tribe

The Tribe lives in a Valley, sustained by the Waterfall streaming into the Valley. As far as tribe members remember, they have always lived in this Valley. There are no written records, and no one ever heard of anyone going outside of the Tribe. The Tribe lives a peaceful and calm life in harmony with nature, unable to imagine anything outside their idyllic existence.

The first song “Rehearsal” introduces the story, sharing glimpses of life inside of the Village in the first Verse:

My Tribe is all I know
We’ve been, here all along
Our life – simple and calm
We live doing no harm

Under the mountain steep
Bathed in the waters deep
We lived always alone
The outside – we’ve never known.

The Shaman

Second Verse introduces the main protagonist of the album – the Shaman of the Tribe, briefly mentioning that he had been initiated into his role as a Shaman being bathed in the Waterfall:

My Tribe, has always seen
My gift – telling the dreams
I was being prepared
To venture – up ahead

Towards the ancient stream
Role held in high esteem
Bathed in the Waterfall
I started to recall that

The events of the first song take place over the course of many years. In the Chorus Shaman ruminates about his past life and how he had always felt that there is much more to life than what he was led to believe. It always seemed to him that his prior life was just a rehearsal:

All my prior life was
Just a rehearsal
A preparation for something more

I have always had
Time at my disposal
But I can’t go on living like I lived before

The Chorus serves as his “Coming of Age” experience, as he realizes that he can no longer live the way he lived before:

All my prior life was
Just a rehearsal
Now I clearly see – there is much more

I no longer have
Time at my disposal
I can’t go on living like I lived before

The Festival

The Tribe is currently prepares for a Festival in celebration of Summer Solstice:

Life passes by
You know how time flies
Sun high in the sky –
Festival comes…

Additional details of Tribe’s simple are given during the next section of the song:

Living life as one
Loving everyone
All the songs we sang
Sweet water that we drank

Worries we have not
Love is all we’ve got

During the Festival the Shaman notices a beautiful woman dancing and becomes enchanted with her. He is “lost beyond control”:

How sweetly did you dance
Enchanted, in a trance
I could not take my eyes
I could not disguise
The feelings that arose
Deep within my soul

I’m lost beyond control

Falling in Love

As the song goes into the third Verse, we travel forward in time, where a Shaman remembers how he took her hand for the first time, falling deeply in love:

You remember
I took your hand
Like glowing ember
Pulsed my heart
And there we both stand
I realized: I can’t live apart
Without you in my life

The song closes as the Shaman proposes to his Woman to “start living like never before” together:

Don’t you know our life
Was just a rehearsal
Both of us prepared for something more
With your hands in mine,
I have a proposal –
Why don’t we start living like never before


The last chord of the song serves as the first chord of the following song – “Breathe In” – telling a story of Shaman’s love for his Woman. We will share “Breathe In” and details of the story behind it the following Wednesday.

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